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Doctor STD has a mission to educate and bring awareness to young adults. Breaking down the barriers that come with a +positive diagnose. We want to encourage communication and interaction in an honest and open community. Sexually transmitted diseases have always been a point of shame, and never an open discussion, we want to change that.

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Create an account and get access to our medical staff at Doctor STD. Only pay per booked meeting with a medical counselor. We provide quick access to medical information regarding your STD when you need it the most. Doctor STD can also recommend treatments or help you navigate to the closest medical facility.

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Increase in gonorrhea cases

Gathered data from 77 countries shows that the increasing antibiotic resistance makes it harder to treat gonorrhoea – a sexual transmitted disease that has over the past few years been increasing more…

Welcome to Doctor STD

Welcome to Doctor STD- the online community and digital medical service that’s fighting stigmatization and opening up for conversations between people. It’s perfectly fine to call us a game changer- because that’s…