Welcome to Doctor STD

Welcome to Doctor STD- the online community and digital medical service that’s fighting stigmatization and opening up for conversations between people.

It’s perfectly fine to call us a game changer- because that’s exactly what we are in this field.

We are changing the way  society looks at sexual transmitted diseases and infections as something bad and shameful. People don’t choose to get infected, but sometimes it just happens and it’s nobody’s fault. Even if most STDs can be treated and completely go away, it is still a stigmatized topic. Ironically today more than ever before.

Some infections can’t however be cured, but they can still be treated and people can today live a perfectly normal life without any symptoms at all.

Our goal is to make such a difference in the society that nobody (really – no one at all) is feeling ashamed and feel like they cannot talk to people about it. STDs and STIs are a much more common thing than people might think. Just take a look at the statistics over the past years. We live in a world where we have access to more information than ever, easier than ever, but still STDs are increasing more rapidly than ever before in modern time. Theres fantastic information out there, but still somehow it’s failing to reach the public. So, if it’s more common than ever, why is it also more stigmatized than ever before?

Our goal for our community is to open up for conversation between members. We want to encourage discussions (you choose yourself how anonymously you want to be) and our forum is created to be a safe environment for people to share experiences, home remedies and tips with each other.

As mentioned before, we are a game changer in this field, but we need your help to grow. A community is nothing without its members and we believe that we’ll make a bigger difference together.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here on our community, we created it for you and we’ll love to hear from you how to improve as we go.

We have a lot planned for the future, and this is just the beginning.

Welcome to Doctor STD!